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VTB Direktbank is a branch of VTB Bank (Europe) SE and was introduced to consumers in Germany in 2011. With a focus on simple, attractive and secure deposit products as well as a digital investment management service, VTB Direktbank currently serves more than 160,000 clients and has received multiple awards for its outstanding solutions for modern banking.

Deposit Products

Due to a high degree of standardization and digitalization of business processes as well as a lean organizational structure, VTB Direktbank has been able to offer attractive conditions for its simple and secure deposit products such as overnight money and fixed-term deposits, for which it has already received numerous awards. Its TÜV-certified online banking meets the highest security standards and deposits are protected by the statutory deposit protection scheme and the Deposit Protection Fund.

Digital Investment Management

In response to the ongoing phase of low interest rates, VTB Direktbank has established a digital investment management service. Known as robo advisor, VTB Invest combines the advantages of digitalization with the investment expertise of an internationally operating investment bank. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, a professional investment management service can be offered at a low cost to a wide range of clients starting from small investment amounts.

All processes of the customer journey are mapped digitally. Clients’ risk profiles are determined using a digital questionnaire, allowing them to choose investment strategies that suit their individual investment goals and their appetite to risk. Diversified ETF-portfolios are available to cater to all levels of risk tolerance. With a passive portfolio management approach including rule-based rebalancing, VTB Direktbank is able to provide to its clients a cost-effective, personalized approach to participating in developments in the capital markets.

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