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VTB Bank (Europe) SE launches VTB Invest


Apr 05, 2019

In January 2019, VTB Direktbank, a branch of VTB Bank (Europe) SE, extended its product range with VTB Invest, a digital asset management solution. It offers clients interested in maximizing their savings an easy and low-cost access to professional portfolio management services, allowing them to make long-term investments in the capital market.

In an online registration process, VTB Invest uses clients' individual preferences to offer them a portfolio comprised of exchange-traded index funds (ETFs). The funds can be conveniently purchased online through VTB Invest's state-of-the-art video identification procedure, so the client does not need to go to the post office, as is usually the case with these kinds of services.

The product has a winning combination of broad diversification over various asset classes, attractive risk-return-characteristics and low barriers to entry. It is available with a monthly investment of EUR 50 and up or a one-time investment of EUR 500. The commission ranges between 1% and 1,2% per year depending on the investment volume. Clients can make further deposits, withdraw funds as per the conditions of the agreement or close the account at any time.

Patrick Lehnert, responsible for the digital solution at VTB Bank (Europe) SE, said: "In times when interest rates are low, many investors long for products which offer the opportunity for higher returns. But many are wary of complexity, high management fees and fund expenses and investment risk which is difficult to assess. The idea behind VTB Invest is to offer our clients access to the capital markets under the easiest possible terms. This means keeping management fees and fund expenses for VTB Invest low, while allowing clients to select an ETF portfolio in a simple and well-explained way based on their risk appetite and helping them build up long-term capital.”

VTB Invest reinforces VTB Direktbank’s product portfolio, which already includes simple investment products like fixed-interest deposits and overnight money.

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VTB Direktbank at a Glance

VTB Direktbank is an independent branch of VTB Bank (Europe) SE. As a cost-efficient online bank, VTB Direktbank focuses on simple, attractive and secure investment products, adding digital asset management to its product range in January 2019.

VTB Bank (Europe) SE, Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main, is a member of the Compensation Scheme of German Private Banks.