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VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG sponsors 2015 Russia Economic Conference


Feb 27, 2015

The "Russia 2015" Economic Conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany, between February 25 and 26, 2015. This is already the second occasion on which this conference has been staged in Frankfurt. More than 100 participants from highly varied economic sectors attended (including auditing firms, logistics companies and management consultancies etc).

This event was held under the motto "Successfully mastering current challenges in Russia, and optimally exploiting market opportunities".

Given current sanctions against Russia, this year's event focused on exports to, and investments in, Russia.

Focal topical points included:

  • Consequences of sanctions
  • Structuring contracts in Russia, and operating branch operations
  • Current business opportunities and challenges
  • Customs law, customs processing and certification
  • The Eurasian Economic Union

VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG was represented with a lecture entitled "Banks in the crossfire between trade and sanctions". Mr. Sebastian Glaab, Head of AML/Compliance, and Mr. Boris Vaichanski, Vice President Financial Institutions, presented this lecture. Many questions about sanctions were posed during this talk, which the presenters answered in detail.

Despite current tensions in political relationships, Germany remains Russia's third most important trade partner worldwide.

As with all other VTB units located within the European Union, VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is not affected by existing EU sanctions against ultimate Group parent entity JSC VTB Bank. As VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is a German public stock corporation under German law, which has also been subject, as a significant bank, to ECB supervision since November 2014, it is explicitly excluded from sanctions as a European subsidiary in the meaning of the directive text. Consequently, the bank is still able to offer and settle banking transactions.

The bank regards itself as a bridgehead between Europe and the CIS states. Thanks to VTB's enormous presence in the CIS states, VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is able to leverage synergies from cross-border transactions and to profile itself as a reliable partner. As a bank supervised by both the ECB and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG complies with all regulatory requirements. ECB and BaFin banking regulation transmit a high degree of security and reliability for clients.


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