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VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG awarded as „Most Successful Bank 2012”


Jul 12, 2012


The Association of Russian Economy in Germany recognizes VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG for its contribution to the development of German-Russian economical relations. 

On June 28, 2012 the „Annual Congress Russia-Germany 2012" took place in Berlin. The event was organized under the patronage of the Office of the Russian Federation for Trade and Economy, the Association of Russian Economy in Germany, the East-Committee of the Germany Economy, and Wegweiser Media & Conferences GmbH, Berlin.  

A broad spectrum of economic questions was discussed during the congress, among others, the prospects for the enhancement of the bilateral economical relations between the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the state of the global economy. 

Dr. Valeriy Lyakin, Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG, participated in the forum „Financial Services". This forum dealt with current and future issues with respect to development of export business, short- and mid-term financing, present investment climate in Russia, WTO-membership of the Russian Federation, developments of new products and wide-spread services, and solutions offered by banks.

High-ranking representatives of politics, economy and science from both countries participated in this congress, for example; Mr. Vladimir Grinin (Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Germany), Mrs. Anne Ruth Herkes (State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology), Mr. Alexey Likhachev (Vice Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation) as well as Mr. Michael Glos (Member of the German Federal Parliament, retired Federal Minister, Chairman of the curatorship for the Association of Russian Economy in Germany).

At the conference's end, a prestigious awards ceremony was held by the Association of Russian Economy in Germany, during which VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG and Deutsche Bank AG were recognized with awards for their outstanding contributions to the development of the German-Russian economic relations within the category "Most Successful Bank 2012". 

Dr. Valeriy Lyakin as Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG accepted the award.  „VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is the specialized bank for German-Russian trade relations." said Dr. Lyakin during his acknowledgement. „This award mirrors impressively the positive developments of the German-Russian economic relations during the last years. VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG has contributed its share to this development. We as a bank serve our customers by supporting their businesses in Russia and the CIS-countries. Without exaggeration it is fair to say that we are the fastest channel between East and West. The fact remains that our customer's demand for our expertise in the field of trade between East and West is increasing day by day. In this respect we pledge to remain a strong and flexible partner for our customers in the future."

About the bank:

VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG is a competent and reliable partner that provides advice to companies and banks on the settlement of transactions in Russia and the other CIS states. The experience that we have gained during 40 years as a German specialist bank for German-Russian trade relations, we consider ourselves to be the leading German bank in this segment.

Our comprehensive market-specific expertise, excellent contacts with the Russian market and competent staff put us in a position to respond to our clients' needs in a precise, targeted and above all flexible manner.

As a member of the VTB Group, with VTB Bank in Russia - the second largest bank and the largest foreign trade bank in the Russian federation - at its core, VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG offers the benefits of an internationally active commercial bank in addition to its own specialist expertise.

VTB Bank, one of the 100 largest banks in the world in terms of capital, has a geographically unique network of around 1,000 branches in Russia, and many more in the CIS countries and Europe, in particular.


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