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Financial Institutions department specializes in euro clearing for our network of correspondents, the processing of cross-border payment orders, as well as current account management and cross-selling of banking products.

Correspondent banking
Relationships with banks are an important pillar of VTB Bank (Europe) SE. It constantly optimises the relationships with banks in order to ensure secure and reliable payment transaction clearing, as well as current account management and the cross-selling of banking products.

As a clearing office, the bank plays an important role for many correspondent banks. We specialise particularly in EUR clearing for these banks, as well as the processing of cross-border payment orders.

All transactions are processed using the SWIFT network as well as the bank‘s own electronic banking system in line with all the recent industry-standard Compliance and KYC guidelines.

Broad network
By maintaining a significant number of Relationship Management Applications (RMAs) with banks around the globe, the financial institutions department creates the infrastructure to support VTB Bank (Europe) SE’s activities in many business segments.

The Team
All of the above is achieved by a team of dedicated banking professionals, with combined experience of around 100 years.
The team provides the single entry point across the services offered by VTB Bank (Europe) SE to banks around the world.

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