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Our customers benefit from the comprehensive know-how and services we offer in corporate finance, export finance, real estate finance, financing of commercial transactions, cash management, treasury and fixed income products. We are focused on trade flows between east and west and see both selected emerging markets and Europe as our home markets. Our goal is to ensure the best possible service and support for our customers in all markets in which we operate.


VTB Bank (Europe) SE assists clients in their daily activities via short-term overdraft and working capital facilities, as well as investments in business development and modernization projects (capital expenditure financing). As one of the most experienced banks in trade finance, we offer our clients classic short-term financing solutions as well as mid- and long-term pre-export and post-import facilities.

Event driven financing

Acquisition financing supports our clients’ growth and expansion strategies by providing funding and facilitating M&A transactions, with and without recourse to the acquiring company.

Strategic equity or asset sale financing transactions allow our clients to monetize their assets and businesses by bridging the timing gap until a liquidity event occurs.

Bridge financing to debt or equity capital markets issuance meets our clients’ funding needs today, while facilitating their plans to raise long-term, flexible capital in the public markets.

Special situations financing offers sponsors the financing structure appropriate for the adverse circumstances a business might be facing in the short-term and facilitates the turn-around of challenging business stories.

Subordinated debt

Junior debt solutions provide the incremental and marginal debt which is often required to bring a transaction to a successful close or to facilitate the monetization of a current opportunity.

Equity Financing

JProvision of mid-term financing secured by listed shares. Financing could be structured in form of a repo transaction, requiring a transfer of the title to the securities, or as a secured loan with the shares pledged to a financing party.

Financing of holding companies with a pledge of unlisted shares in companies.

Project- and Real Estate Financing

The term «Project Finance» (in a broad sense), comprises primarily the financing of complex and capital-intensive undertakings, particularly large-scale projects in the energy, engineering, telecommunications and transportation infrastructure sectors. The term " project finance" also applies to real estate and property financing.

Project finance is a cash flow-driven type of financing where the performance of the underlying project (whether it is in the planning stage, under construction or already in operation) is the primary source of funds for debt service.

Financing of holding companies with a pledge of unlisted shares in companies.

Structured Commodity Financing

Structured Commodity Financing (SCF) is a commodity-based financing technique which is specially designed for commodities manufacturers and trading companies in emerging and developed markets. Structured trade and commodity finance is defined as cross-border trade finance in emerging markets where the object is to repay the loan through the sale of commodities.

SCF plays an important role in providing liquidity management and risk mitigation for the production, purchase and sale of raw, semi-refined and semi-processed materials. By focusing on the individual transaction structure and the company’s ability to pay, as opposed to their balance sheet only, SCF provides an alternative and cost-effective financing tool for companies in the commodities sector, and to commodities manufacturers and trading companies doing business in developing markets

Working capital financing can take the form of:

  • prepayment — upfront payment to the client as consideration for future physical delivery of the commodities
  • postpayment — upfront delivery of commodities as consideration for future payments
  • inventory financing — analogous to a «repo» transaction for commodities, with the aim of creating short-term availability of working capital in exchange for the temporary sale of primary materials in advance of the production process
Trade and Export Finance

Long-Term Solutions

Export Credit Agency ("ECA")-covered financing is essential for the import of capital-intensive goods and services and is characterised by very long repayment periods and significant volumes. We have longstanding relationships with a multitude of ECAs throughout the world to provide unique solutions and all-round services to our clients.

Short-Term Solutions

Confirmation of letters of credit and stand-by letters of credit issued by other banks in favor of corporate clients. Discounting proceeds resulting from letters of credit issued by other banks. Short-term trade-related loans to financial institutions to finance export/import operations.

Our trade finance services have allowed us to amass great experience assisting clients in different parts of the world, including Russia and the CIS states, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, America etc.

We have broad expertise in the structuring of trade and export finance transactions, based on a long track record of professional experience, competence and worldwide presence.

Documentary Business

We offer the complete suite of documentary business solutions for exporters and importers, including both traditional trade services and open account transactions. These include not only Export and Import Letters of Credit and collections but also risk management, trade finance and document preparation services. Our clients benefit from the advantages of our global network, expertise and knowledge of the trade business in both Europe and Russia & CIS and, last but not least, advisory and structuring support in high-volume transactions

Transaction Management

VTB Bank (Europe) SE is the banking partner that provides efficient and centrally managed cash management solutions including current account services in different currencies (including RUB) for various types of legal entities (or companies) while remotely managing the whole relationship through a secure, controlled, easy-to-use, cost-effective electronic banking communication channel with multiple features and functionalities. All these services are supplemented by our corporate cards solution, providing a convenient, safe and state-of-the-art way of controlling corporate expenditures.


Money Market and Repo

VTB Bank SE offers attractive terms for corporate clients for term deposits and call money.
Providing short- to mid-term financing and securities lending as a customised solution for liquidity & portfolio management and to enhance returns. Title to the securities is transferred to a financing party.

Currencies and Interest Rates

Provision of FX conversion services on spot and forward markets in key currencies with a particular focus on Russia and the CIS states.
Our tailor-made hedging solutions help clients manage the interest rate and currency risks inherent to their business using an array of derivatives, such as forwards, swaps and options.

VTB Bank (Europe) SE offers customized financing solutions and services with a variety of capital and product structures. We have sound industry-specific and geographical expertise and our employees have proven know-how in the efficient processing of transactions.

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VTB Bank (Europe) SE offers a wide range of trade and export finance products and services to support our client’s export and import activities. This is one of our core business operations and , enables us to meet the needs of our clients and facilitate foreign trade.

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Trade and Export Finance

VTB Bank (Europe) SE is the banking partner that provides efficient and centrally managed cash management solutions including current account services in different currencies (including RUB) for various types of legal entities (or companies)

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Transaction Management

Our unparalleled reputation, a growing international presence and an award-winning team of investment experts enables us to remain the leading Russia-focused Investment Management business.

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